6 of the Top Perks of Private Jet Plane Travel in 2018

Flying by private plane charter comes with lots of perks. Here are just six:

1. Avoid Mega-Airports

Flying private means you can fly on a smaller plane that doesn’t need a vast runway and out of smaller airports. Flying from a smaller airport means less traffic getting to and from the airport, less time taxiing on the runway, and there’s more of these smaller airports than large ones, so there’s likely one closer to your home. Being able to fly in and out of smaller airports also means that some destinations that aren’t accessible by commercial flights are available if you fly private.


2. Fly On Your Own Time Schedule

It’s 2018, everyone’s schedule is ultra-packed. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you want to make every minute of your trip count. When you fly private, you fly on your own schedule, not the airline’s.

3. Get There Faster

Both flying out of smaller airports and on your own schedule saves time so you can savor your trip, but flying private has another advantage to help you make each moment count. Private jets fly higher and faster than commercial ones, and they get to their cruising altitude faster. This means less time in the air and more time where you want or need to be instead.

4. Increased Privacy Means Increased Productivity

So you’ve already trimmed off the time it takes to get to the airport, the time you’re stuck sitting in the plane before it takes off, and your time in the air, but to maximize your schedule you need to be able to utilize air time too. Flying private gives you the privacy you need to finish that budget report, novel, or catch up on your reading before you get to your final destination. Without all of the distractions that you face when you fly commercially you’re free to get everything you need to do done, and you can do this comfortably, rather than with your laptop half on a tiny tray table and the other half on your lap.


5. Skip the Security Lines

Want to avoid scrambling to pull your liquids and computer out of your bag while you shuffle barefoot on the not-sure-when-it-was-last-cleaned airport floor? Then fly private and skip the security lines. While the pilot always reserves the right to check any of your bags for security purposes, flying private offers you privacy and efficiency regarding security.

6. It’s Private

Imagine the worst flight you have ever had–the one with five screaming babies, a kid who keeps kicking your seat, the woman in front of you who reclined all the way back in her seat, and the man whose body odor is nauseating even from three rows back. Now, imagine you’re flying private and none of those people, or any people for that matter, are on the plane with you. Which one would you pick?

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